Triangle Pets Alive | Saving Animals, Serving Community
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Triangle Pets Alive

Saving Animals. Serving Community

We’re helping those who can’t wait.

Rescue A Pet

Thinking to adopt a pet, you can find you ideal pet in our rescue.

Support Us

You can help support us by donating some money which will go towards improving the quality of life of these animals.

Help Line

If you find that any animal needs our help, you can give us a call.


About the animal shelter


We at triangles animal shelter try to help pets who are being abused by taking them in and helping them find a new home.

What We Do


We help get pets out their abuse environment and bring them to our shelter.


We want to make sure that the animal we bring in are in perfect health before they are up for adoption.


We also want to work to help improve the animals views on human which can make them happy with their humans.

Recuse Animal Society


Clinical Care


Medical Camp


Cruelty Awareness



What People Say

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Our Blog

  • Delaware is leaving a mark on the world as the sole no-murder creature haven state in the nation, as per Best Friends Animal Society, a non-benefit creature welfare association. For a state to be esteemed "no-slaughter," it must accomplish at any rate a 90% spare rate for all felines and canines entering its sanctuaries. "A year ago, around 733,000 pooches and felines were murdered in our country's creature covers, just in light of the fact that they didn't have safe spots to call home," the gathering's site peruses. "Together, we can change that and accomplish no-execute for canines and felines across the nation by 2025." Closest Friends additionally says, "We perceive that, for certain creatures, killing is the most merciful decision." The Delaware news was declared, best case scenario Friends' ongoing yearly gathering. Brandywine Valley SPCA declared the news on their web-based social networking records a week ago alongside the data that they were perceived by Best Friends for their administration and devotion in assisting with the activity.   "The Brandywine Valley SPCA has a live discharge pace of 95% for the in excess of 14,000 creatures per year we admission," Linda Torelli, advertising executive of Brandywine Valley SPCA, told CNN. "Inside Delaware, we admission over 60% of the creatures entering safe houses and multiple occasions the following biggest haven, so our strategies have significantly affected the state turning into no-slaughter." Torelli says that a portion of the projects that have helped Delaware turned into a no-murder state incorporate super selection occasions, trap/fix/fix programs for felines that generally wouldn't be adoptable, minimal effort veterinary centres, training projects and conduct programs for mutts who need somewhat more help.   You can see your state's insights on Best Friends' site. The association pulls information from the Shelter Animals Count national database alongside open sites, government-gave information and wilful entries.